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From Vision to Achievement - an Integrated framework -

An Integrated Framework Links Strategies and Best Practice to Actions with Organisation Performance Improvement
Key Benefits
A pathway to organisation excellence and a means of improving organisation performance including processes, products & services, at a pace which maintains competitiveness globally;
A model for identifying key processes and establishing their relative importance to the organisation and alignment of all processes, activities & behaviours with the vision, values, & objectives of the organisation;
A simplified and guaranteed change management mechanism; Risk Management and Due Diligence for all aspects and levels;
 Develops a culture of continuous learning and improvement; a choice of recognition-awards, certification etc.
A structured approach to process review which engages the creativity & contribution of people, provides benchmarking and risk management steps, evaluation and a means of aligning processes with key business criteria;
A focus on leadership throughout the organisation in providing clear direction & a supportive environment as well as modelling behaviours consistent with the organisation’s value set;
Learning, sharing and development of people at all levels and involvement and contribution of people to the success of the organisation;
Strategic Processes
Support Processes/Activities
Operational/Core Business
Global Operating Environment
Global Operating Environment
Requirements incl Legislation, codes, standards

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