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Corporate Governance is focused on how an organisation is directed and includes the following aspects:

  1. Corporate Governance provides a framework in which board members, directors and senior management perform their respective duties (and the line between each) to add and create stakeholder and shareholder value.
  2. Corporate Governance includes the practices, principles, policies and values that guide an organisation, its people and stakeholders in its everyday activities to ensure ongoing viability, sustainability and reputation.
  3. It provides for due diligence and no harm to the organisation and its stakeholders by complying with regulations, standards and stakeholder requirements, fraud/corruption prevention and acting with integrity, justice and transparency.
  4. It requires compliance with regulatory and stakeholder requirements.
  5. It requires an effective board and governance system (AS 8000)
  6. It provides an opportunity to set social responsibility standards (ISO 26000)

Business Consulting International has developed Corporate Governance training, briefing, mentoring, review, consulting and self-assessment tools to assist Boards and Senior Management in developing effective and non-bureaucratic governance practices/systems. Business Consulting International has a lot of experience in this area.

Benefits include Due Diligence, a more confident and functioning board, clearer understanding of the roles  and expectations of the board & senior management and a improved viability, sustainability and reputation.

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