The Strategic Review (if carried out) inputs to this process. Business Consulting International will develop a process in conjunction with Senior Management and the Board. It is important to provide context for the plan to be developed and to revisit existing statements and plans. This includes:
Reviewing Vision, Purpose, Values so that they fit with future direction and encourage the required culture/behaviours. The outcome of this process is a strategic plan with measurable objectives, which accurately reflects the operating environment, risks, opportunities, key perspectives including financial and stakeholder value requirements, legal/requirements framework, core competencies required, products/services, processes/activities, projects and infrastructure required to achieve vision, purpose and goals.
The outcome is a living plan which communicates to staff at all levels and forms a commitment to achieve so that the organisation is viable and sustainable with a good reputation.
The process used is designed to suit the specific nature, culture and needs of your organisation.
This includes key elements eg Vision, Purpose, Values, Services/Products Id, SWOT/Risk & Opportunity Analysis, PESTE Analysis, Current Position, Strategic Priority and Action Plan Development, Resource Management (Financial, Human, Infrastructure)
Establish organisation health measures which are relevant to viability, sustainability and reputation and lead indicators for actions in the plan.

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