it is an international people standard and benchmark;

It is a set of principles make sure everyone is working for the same goals;

it is an international Standard which sets a level for improving an organisation's performance through its people;

it is a practical tool for the continuing improvement of both the organisation and its people and a proven pathway to success;

it offers a framework for aligning people strategy with business strategy;

it gives people a clear understanding of the value of their efforts;

it ensures that training and development are linked to purpose, goals and
History and Objectives of Investors In People

The program was developed in 1990 in the UK to improve Global competitiveness and works for all organisations regardless of size or sector.

Iiip promotes investment for a better skilled workforce, working towards organisational goals.

It is about results, not procedures and can be used as a tool for benchmarking, driving
Spread and Recognition of IiP

1 in every 3 employees in UK involved and is now active in 14 countries with over 40,000 organisations world-wide.

Qualified Advisers are trained and available throughout Australia (including BCI) and IiP is Endorsed by the Federal Public Service.